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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Gift Giving : Shopping for Retro and Vintage Gifts?

Looked up the definition of the word “vintage” and found some talk about wine.

Definition: the year or place in which wine, especially wine of high quality, was produced. Example: "1986 was a classic vintage for the Cabernet Sauvignon".

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Shopping for Christmas, Valentine's Day? (or any other special day) : Gifts for Her : Fragrances

Shopping for a special gift for a special lady?  Mother, sister, wife, girlfriend, aunt, teacher, BFF!      

Did you know that the scent of vanilla can elevate a person's mood?  Research has shown that a whiff of vanilla can elevate your feelings of joy and relaxation.  This spice is 500 years old and is used in fragrances and aromatherapy because it can stir up comforting feelings and has a long-lasting effect.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Home and Garden : Gifts Ideas For Bird Lovers

Ornithologist? Nah! 
Just an ordinary bird lover.
We can't all be qualified ornithologists.
But it's easy for anybody to be a bird lover!

Grocery and Gourmet : Herbal Teas : Lavender, Calendula and Hibiscus Herbs

My friend, Clara Myers, is an excellent GO TO Advisor for holistic medicine, natural remedies, alternative healthcare, etc.  We have been Facebook friends for years. She has published several articles on health and wellness, and holistic health at Wizzley.com.  Additionally, she has several websites and blogs where she shares her helpful advice and product suggestions and reviews.  Here is her advice regarding the use of lavender, calendula, and hibiscus.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Gift Giving : Romantic Gift to Her? Chocolate or Corset?

Started this pinboard or collection and as you would expect it has mostly sexy lingerie but also a few suggestions regarding décor to create “romance” in your surrounding environment. :) This pinboard was inspired by two sources.  

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