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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Book Lovers : Gift Ideas for Readers of Science Fiction and Fantasy

They say that romance books are the bestselling genre. But sci-fi and fantasy books don't seem to do too bad when it comes to sales. If I were to choose, I would go with fantasy over sci-fi. But I'm not the one choosing. You are! So here are a few picks recommended by a professional reviewer and moi! Maybe you'll see something that interests you.

  • By the way, in the interest of sci-fi trivia, do you happen to know the 3 literary works that are credited with paving the way for the science fiction genre? Science Fiction Beginnings

♦ Science Fiction Books ♦
These books were recommended by Adrian Lang. She publishes her reviews and list via Omnivoracious: The Amazon Book Review. Her suggestions will definitely peak your curiosity; especially of you're a binge reader because these works are series.
  • Join the army?  Again??!!  How do you like that as a plan to come out of retirement? Old people get to exchange their aged and weakened for bodies for new ones that don't break down and they can be lean mean fighting machines.  Again!  Definitely fiction. But not a bad plot.  The first book in this series written by John Scalzi is titled Old Man's War.
  My sci-fi pick is "Blue Into the Rip" by Kev Heritage.  A year ago, this best-selling UK author of sci-fi mysteries and epic fantasy graciously granted me an interview.  He suggested that if a reader was not familiar with his works, this book would be a great read to get started on the road to becoming one of his fans.  :)

♦ Fantasy Books ♦
My pick for urban fantasy?  "Witch Hunt" by SM Reine.  Why?  Because I used to work for the government and I believe in freedom of religion. The main character Cèsar Hawke, an investigator for a secret government agency called Preternatural Affairs.  Their mission is to hunt down witches. Something you probably already figured out by the title of the book. :) Yep yep.  Taking down witches and demons in the 21st century.  What a job!

Another cool pick for readers of fantasy is this trilogy: 
The Riyria Book Series by Michael J. Sullivan
"It’s the stuff of epic fantasy and a mirror image of the real politics of nation-building."

♦ ♦ ♦

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