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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Home and Garden : Gifts Ideas For Bird Lovers

Ornithologist? Nah! 
Just an ordinary bird lover.
We can't all be qualified ornithologists.
But it's easy for anybody to be a bird lover!

Learned about the red cardinal, the blue jay, the robin, the mockingbird, the parrot, the toucan, the flamingo, etc. in elementary school. Additionally, in Miami, Florida, my hometown, there's a place called Parrot Jungle ... Correction: There used to be a place. Our family relocated from Florida to Texas at the end of 1986. We haven't been back since. But since we have the Internet, I checked the current facts against my childhood memories and found out that Parrot Jungle is now called Jungle Island

Anyway, it's still a tourist attraction and a great place to take kids on an educational field trip.   If you're ever in South Florida and you're traveling with young kids, this is fun! Been a while since my family's last visit. For a more current review, click here.

My love for these wonderful creatures has not diminished one iota over the years. My learning continues and started collecting photographs for sharing on Pinterest.

We have never had a bird in our house as a pet. Couldn't bring myself to put them in a cage. But we have lived in homes that had a space for the birds, like a little birdhouse in the backyard. Instead of throwing away stale bread or the ends of the bread loaves that nobody likes to eat, I would crumble up the bread and toss it out under a tree. Then we would wait quietly inside the house looking through the window to watch the birds come to the feast.

If I were buying gifts for bird lovers like me, here are a few suggestions.
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Songbird's Rest Birdbath by Campania International

Made from cast stone, this is a lovely birdbath out on your veranda or accenting a stone bench. Very sturdy and durable, the smooth style of this bird bath makes it a lovely accent.

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